The Universim [v] (2018) SpaceX

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The Universim [v] (2018) SpaceX
The Universim [v | Early Access] (2018) PC | RePack by SpaceX |Size: 531.63 MB
Released: 2018
Genre: Simulation, Strategy, Indie
Developer / Publisher: Crytivo
Interface language: EN / FR / DE / IT / ES / BR +English
Language: English
Publication Type: RePack
Tablet: Not required (GOG | DRM-free)

The Universim is a small beautiful game in the genre "The Simulator of God". Go directly to the control of your own planets; lead civilization through the ages. Create an unshakeable empire. It's your world, and nothing will stop you on the way to endless fun!

Update v

- Nuggets assigned to work.
- Buildings in a state of disrepair.
- Electricity Generator built.
- Fishing Hut built.
- Water Pumps freezing in winter.
- Gas Plant Built.
- Hunters Hut Built.
- Incorrect usage of Creator Powers.
- News message .
- Electricity shortage .
- Buildings without Nuggets .
- on water shortages.
- When a Nugget sustains an injury.
- on spying on Nuggets during mating.
- Matchmaking quest commentary.
- Name a Nugget quest commentary.
- Backbreaking quest commentary.
- Dead Nugget quest commentary.
- Numerous random thoughts.
- FInd lost Nugget quest commentary.
- Heal a Nugget quest commentary.
- Punish My Nemesis quest commentary.
- Upon Windmill construction.
- Watchtower construction.
- Wolf attack commentary.
- Nuggets getting sick from lakewater commentary.
- Same-sex marriage.
- Research completion commentary.
- Research queued commentary.

- - - - -
- Available resources for optimized and improved.
- Save and Load System optimized. No more freezes / hitches when opening the panel.
- Optimized materials / textures used for buildings and villages props.
- General UI optimization.
- Upgrade flags are no longer shown on buildings that are upgraded automatically.
- Research screen optimized for a more fluid experience.

- Stagefright: Fixed the issue of where and wolves froze during wolf attacks.
- Bookworm: Research screen optimizations and minor bug fixes.
- Heavenly Fruit:
- Casual stroll: Nugget movement speeds during storms were way too slow.
- Remembrance: Fixed system, including saves not loading. Please note that older people will not be able to work with the new system.
- McWhat: Fixed an issue where users were experiencing flashing textures on certain objects.
- Broken Record: Fixed an infinitely-repeating sound effect when certain elements were opened.
- Hospital Etiquette: It couldn't occupy the same hospital bed. They shouldn't have any longer have to go.
- Who put that there: Fixed a bug where they had been picked up by the player.
- Dehydration: Nuggets were getting stuck when going to drink.
- Clumsy Mechanic: Fixed an issue where it should be noted.
- Save the 84 Years.
Tornado would break the save system.
- Harsh Words: Fixed an issue where certain Narration triggers were bugging the game.
- Ascension: Fixing the gravity of the gravity of the gravity of the dead animals.
For example, there was a chance to get infected by the rotting corpses.
- Missed Your Cue: Fixed an anxiety for an approaching tornado.
- Sin of Sloth: Fixed an issue with the backbreaking quest
- Pathfinder: Fixed multiple issues with Nugget pathfinding.
- Purple Haze: Fixed an issue where the god of the textures were appearing as purple on Mac.
Failure to Launch: Failure to Launch: (or screen) or experienced horrendous crashes.
- Seasick: Fixed a bug where Fishing Nuggets were getting stuck after loading a game.
- Delayed Forecast: Fixed a bug where the Nuggets were getting stuck after loading a game.
- Mysterious Stranger: Fixed Nugget portraits on Mac
- Unusual Affliction: Fixed a bug where weird textures were created.
- It was not saving while it was paused.
- Cold Feet: Fixed a bug where the gravedigger would get it.
- Secret Society: Fixed a bug where the Nuggets would remain invisible when leaving Tudor houses.
- Off the Hook: Fixed an issue where the Punish My Nemesis quest wasn't shown at times.
Unmarked Grave:
- Quarantine Zone: Fixed a bug that caused that there would be some Tudor houses.
- Nani: Fixed numerous translation issues.
- Seeing Double: Fixed an issue where the Epicenter placement buttons were displayed in Creator Mode.
- Late Bloomer: Fixed an issue with the Healthy Malina Fruit in the Farms taking hours to grow.
- Unable for all areas of construction zones.
- What are your names again?
- Rough Terrain: Fixed anion with radius around buildings.
- the Fixed the issue the when Fishing Hut research Could have Been skipped
- the Fixed the issue the when Metal Mine WAS not unlocked by being of Geology research
- the Fixed the issue the when by Gas Mine WAS not unlocked by Mining research
- the Fixed Issues with the multiple quests text
- the Fixed the multiple missing the tooltips
- the multiple sound the Fixed Issues with the the failing state of the quests
- the Fixed missing the Archivist Thought The while working

- Farm of The quest is the no longer a triggered DURING winter.
- Increased the amount of wood it gives you from 2 to 3.
- Players will be able to receive them.
Defense tower speed reduced -
70% to 85%
- Temple water consumption was removed
- Medium Cemetery water consumption added
- Pre medival reservoir increased from 25000 to 45000
- Medival reservoir increased from 25000 to 60000
- Rebalanced tornado
- Disasters rebalanced

- Gas Pile has a new texture: yellow-purple.
- Medival Water Pump has been implemented.
- Engineering Buildings have been upgraded to the Medival Era.
- Five new Exile Village houses have been added.
- Exile Village Epicenters have been implemented.

- Wiki screen: fixed missing localization.
- Improved tooltip font sizes.
- Updated status icons for buildings not working.
- Implemented the panel when it comes to the Evolution Tower.
- Evolution Tower: new status icon progress for elections.
- "Leader died" election banner implemented.
- "Election started" banner implemented + new animation.
- "Election ended" banner implemented + new animation.
- New quest panel design with text split into pages.
- Fixed a bug in the Nugget ID panel.
- Fixed a bug where a spouse's name was too long. Rearranged in the Nugget ID panel.
- Warehouse panel: fixed missing name.
- Main Menu: Fixed animation for Locked Creator Mode.
- Nugget ID card: updated the renaming box visuals.
- Forestation Creator Power UI implemented.
- Main Menu: sign-up form implemented.
- Building list panel: added a new column for building upgrades.
- Exile Village Panel implemented.
- Exile Village Nugget ID cards implemented.
- Nugget ID card: added believer icon indicator.
- New Panel added for the Temple building.
- New icon for Lightning Strike god power.
- New icon for Forestation god power.
- Laws have new individual icons.

- UI elements, players will be redirected to the Wiki page.
- Skip opening scene countdown timer added.

System Requirements:
Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10 (64 Bit)
Processor: Intel® Core ™ i3 2.66 GHz
Memory: 4096 Mb
Sound card: DirectX® 9.0c compatible sound card
Graphics accelerator: 2048 Mb, OpenGL 3.0
Free place on HDD: 2 GB


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The Universim [v] (2018) SpaceX is available on a new fast direct download service with over 100,000,000 Files to choose from. Download anything with more then 20+ Mb/s downloading speed!

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